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I am interested in guest posts and guest post exchanges from other faith-filled women. Before you submit your article, please read some of my previous posts and try to be familiar with my blog's focus on faith, hope, love and encouragement ( I also welcome clean humor!).  I will be happy to look at your submission and see if it is something I can use on Dandelion Bliss. I would LOVE to use all of your submissions, but there are sometimes that a post may not be appropriate or relevant to my readers at the time. Please don't be discouraged if I choose not to publish for some reason. 

Also, if you are interested in an exchange with me, I would be happy to consider submitting a guest post for you, as well. Feel free to email me your requests.

Also, please read the the following guidelines before submitting your article:

1. Your content must be your own, must be original and not published elsewhere.
2. Please note that I reserve the right to proofread and/or edit your submission, if needed. 
3. Please add a short "About Me", 3 or 4  lines with your picture attached to it will be fine (picture should be png, gif or jpeg images that are in a small size or compressed.)
4. I encourage you to link up your guest post to your own blog and to share it on your own social media sites.
5. Comment response is crucial to building a good reader relationship, so I ask you to respond to all comments in a timely manner for the first week after publishing.
6. Posts should be formatted in a Microsoft Word (.doc) or something universally simple for me to upload.
7. Please send your submission with a link to your blog, if you have one, (and any other info about yourself you care to include) to my email address: sunydazy at yahoo dot com.

Thank you for your interest! I look forward to working with you!!

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