Me and My People

A little about me:
Mother of six, wife of a professional composer & musician, lover of Jesus, eater of peanut m&m's, older than I feel, slow paced, prolific talker, stubborn in a good way, whole-hearted and freckled.

I love to write about my daily life and family, mostly good, sometimes bad. Mostly ordinary.

I try to keep it real but I also always try to find the sunny spots on the cloudy days.

I am a recovered {victim} victor of several kinds of abuse and I love to support women as they emerge from, and heal from, the past. I want to see women become strong, bold and beautiful for Jesus!

I am a certified life coach but I don't use that certification right now. I have plenty of other things keeping me busy lately.
Basically, if there is a hot cup of tea or strong coffee, and if there is sunshine and people to visit with, I am content.

About Frizzle (my hubby):
I guess he doesn't want me to share his age here. Music. Goofy. A.D.D. (HURRAY for natural medication! Without which, we might not be as good of friends). Music. And, Oh Yes!! He does love the music! If you need to talk to him about anything, it's best to put it to a tune and call it lyrics. I love his wacky sense of humor, his musical compositions, his praise and worship and the fact that he takes time for really important stuff like baseball, composting worms, and trips to amusement parks. Also, he thinks I'm pretty, which is a particularly desirable trait in a husband.

About the kiddos:
I have always homeschooled my tribe of littles, which consists of the following people:

Boy (#1) : D is 25 years old. As a child he asked to be read Haynes Auto Manuals as bedtime stories. He also learned to be an amazing musician. He now plays in a Christian Rock Band. I might be their biggest fan. He flew the nest at a young age and went to college in another state.  I was not ready.

Girl (#2): L is 21 years old and married to a great guy (who was also a homeschooled kid). As a child she loved to dance, sing, photograph stuff and pretend to be one of the Boxcar Children, She and her best friend even built a shack on the back of our property and filled it up with "supplies".

Boy (#3): Thinker is 13 years old. He loves art, Minecraft building, Legos and animals. he also designs buildings, and other projects and loves science. I should probably let him teach that subject. He appreciates it when his little sisters and brother don't make too much noise...he wants to think.

Girl (#4): My Rosie is 9 years old.  She has a witty and quick sense of humor, loves to cook, help around the house, and knows how to keep her other siblings in line. If I would let  her be the boss she would probably be pretty good at it. She would also love to learn judo or something, but I think we should wait until I'm sure she won't use it on the siblings.

Girl (#5):  My Song is 9 years old. Yep, you guessed it, they are twins.  She adores music and creates art. She can read faster than I can keep books in her hands. Last year we found out that she is pretty good at swinging a baseball bat and she now wants her own baseball glove...but it must be pink or purple.

Boy (#6):  Happy is a little 6 year old bundle of energy, like a built in exercise program. Talking is one of his favorite things. and trucks-and-dinosaurs-and-jumping-on-things-and-spinning-in-circles-and-giving-away-money. And oh my! The talking!  He does love that!

Thank you for reading this far and please keep coming around. I love making new friends.