Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hot Flashes and Laundry Piles

So today the tea of the day is actually called Hot Flash Tea. Maybe that will give you some clue as to how this week has been shaping up.
Hot Flash Tea is good stuff, by the way. I hope it helps ease me through this time of life a little bit. If you want to try something like this, head on down to your local little herb shop and see if they have anything similar.

 If you know anything about this, you may be laughing right now.
I'm not really a fan of the waking up drenched and wondering when the kids snuck in to pour a bucket of water on me stage of life. I gotta say...the heavy-heavy-heavy cycles, the night sweats, and the emotional roller coasters are really special. I now regularly break down and sob over ancient events and minor stuff like jello. I cried yesterday over the fact that I let my 21 year old down when she was 6. And last week I wept over the time my now 25 year old stapled his finger at age 7...he looked so stunned. "I must be the worst mom eveeerrr!" 

Did you happen to notice how many of the above take fluids out of the body? Yep..add dehydration to the list. I could barely get my mouth open last night...it was glued shut and dried up like old clay...
I chugged water so fast I surprised myself.

Anyway, I hope that wasn't TMI.....moving on...

 Also, since I seem to be somewhat anemic and very tired...I am moving slow. Just like always. I move slow most of the time. That wasn't really newsworthy...

However, There are somewhere around 67 pieces of clean clothing stacked in a chair that should be hung in the closet or otherwise disposed of. I am thinking a large donation to the local charity shop would be a good idea.

 Just thought you might all be dying to know what I was up to and all.

 How are your holidays shaping up? Remember to keep them simple! It's all about LOVE.

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