Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Things

Hi friends!
The last few weeks have been somewhat Springy! The air is full of birdsong and the spring rains and daffodils are starting to pop up. The temps are warming and my favorite little peeper frogs are singing every night. We took one week of "official" spring break plus another week of "half-off" spring break. The perks of homeschooling are sweet.

Here is a summary of stuff going on at our house, lately. Lost tooth, late nights, sick kids, unexpected work load and bonus hours from my part time "from home" office work,  a neighbor's dog invading our trash cans and getting me in trouble with a different neighbor, news that my dad has a form of cancer, dog sitting my bosses dogs (this can be traumatic), an unexpected blessing of much needed groceries, a new blog design and address, and a fresh burst of inspiration to organize and clean around here.

As of 5 minutes ago, I had a sick kiddo on my lap while I took her temp. "Yep. Still have a fever. Back to bed with you, sweetie." This is the same sweet girl that finally lost a tooth today that has been loose for a loooong time. She was very proud to have pulled it herself. I am proud of her, too. I will be so glad when this round of virus is gone. So tired this time. Not enough sleep. For any of us.

And on top of that, I need to get outside and clean up the last of the scattered trash that the neighbor dog spread all around....but I thought I had done such a good job when I cleaned up so much of it right after it happened. It was midnight and I was in a soft quilt, with happy dreams beginning to bounce around in my brain, when I heard a scraping noise near the road. My eyes popped open. My heart raced  (stupid adrenaline rushes!) I grabbed my cellphone to use as a flashlight and ran outside to find our trash spilled everywhere. I cleaned it up on the spot and then scrubbed my hands in soapy water and dropped into bed feeling victorious. Apparently I missed some, though...down the road, around the corner. And our local neighborhood grumpy person reported me. To my landlord (who also happens to be my boss). I told him what happened and how exhausted I was and that I promised to get to it within a day or two. And I will.

In other news, my dad was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer. The doctor says it is an early catch and very treatable. I hate it when my parents face these kinds of difficulties. I hate it when I have to face it with them. But here we are. We know God is bigger than it all. We trust Him. And we are very certain that God will work, even in this.

Last week I was responsible for my bosses two huge dogs while he was out of town. One is an old rottweiler who happens to like me (most of the time) and the other is a young (but very large 100 pounds) pitt-plus-something-else-mix that likes everyone all the time. She also has the obedience level of a raging bull and always does pretty much whatever she wants. Usually it involves dragging me about by my pants leg or shoe, or putting teeth holes into my favorite sweatshirt. (She was such an adorable puppy, but grew from hand size to clifford size in a couple of  months...the cuteness has faded considerably) When she gets too rough and nips my skin I yelp and the rott runs to my "rescue". He begins barking a terrible bark and showing his teeth and laying his body weight on top of her to try and stop her and shield me. I am not a fan of being in the middle of dog fights and I get unnerved by these things. (Inside. I keep up my outward calm tho', because I am a mom and we do this stuff). When the boss offered me 10 extra dollars for the week I took it in a milli-second ... because if you are going to look as goofy as I did trying to stay standing while a giant dog pulls your leg out from under you, you might deserve a bonus, just sayin'.

What do you think of my new blog design so far? I am loving my new home! There will be a few more changes, as I am able, but I plan to implement them a little at a time. This page is finally making me happy!

Now that I have done spring cleaning on the blog I intend to do it on the house. I am still years behind in the laundry department but the mountains have been restrained, organized and somewhat tamed. I still need to find some cheap free furniture to put clothes in, and finish organizing the school/play room. I am feeling energized by the gorgeous weather, so I am confident that I can do this.

We have moved so much in just a few short years. I am eager to settle in and really make a comfy home here. When we moved in, it was November, the beginning of winter and the holiday season. Now it's time to throw open the doors and windows, catch up on basics, and reorganize for a better year! What kind of spring cleaning (if any) do you like to do?

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