Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring, Roller Coasters and Chili Tacos

So this weekend was not without a few trials. But I must say that overall...We win!

We did the whole family-at-the-amusement-park thing to welcome spring, and three of the four kids went on full size rollercoasters for the first time. Needless to say, Frizzle was very proud of his little adventurers.We all tried in vain to convince the fourth child that he would love the whole falling from the sky and twisting-through-the-air-on-a-tiny-track experience. But...
the child has decided to wait for another day. "When I'm ready!"
I totally get it. Stay strong son.

If Frizzle had his way there probably would not be any other rides at the parks.There would ONLY be roller coasters. He cares nothing about giant swings or spinning cups. Plus, spinny things make him sick. Yes, they do. Hehe!

I never liked roller coasters as a kid. I finally made my peace with them when I was about 16 years old. I got dumped by my "date" at Six Flags halfway through the day. The craziest thing I could think of, in my state of self-pity and rejection, was to throw caution to the wind and ride those wild trains. If I died, I died. It wasn't as bad as I had suspected and I was cured of the fear. I still like the giant swings better, though. And the tea cup things. I laugh hysterically on those and the hubby has awful pictures of me to prove it.

The kids tried several different coasters and each have their favorites. Frizzle has a favorite and they are all planning and talking about when they can go again. This will be a thing for us from now on. It's good to have lofty family goals and traditions.

The next day, we had our usual Sunday morning visit to our church (minus Frizzle, because he was exhausted from not enough sleep. I blame the time change) where the people... they truly love, in tangible ways. I pray that they never change, because, as you probably know, that loving stuff is rare. If you go to a church that doesn't make you feel a taste of God's love...well...just think it over. Or look for ways to be the change. Without love the gospel is meaningless. Love is the sum total of it all... the entire world waits with bated breath for real true love and don't let me get started on this because I will talk for a long time....I think you know what I'm trying to say.

Sunday afternoon I requested a moratorium on the usual napping activities because the sun was out. I haven't seen much of the sun this winter. I wanted to be in soak in the sunlight and all that glorious vitamin D. I didn't get out much though because we sat on the couch and I talked. A lot. I talked and talked and Frizzle listened. I don't know how he feels about all the listening, but he did let me talk, and I am grateful and feel loved and all that.

I was low on food choices for lunch so I made up something with what was on hand. This time I took hamburger meat, browned it, added chili spices, added a can of chili and let it simmer for a while. When it seemed thick enough I filled some pre-warmed taco shells with the chili and called them chili tacos. The kids loved them, and all the tummies were filled. And all the faces were smiling.

Then we finished the day with a fire in the firepit and marshmallows under the stars.

I almost decided to have our Spring Break this week, because, well. Spring. But then I decided to continue with the original plan and have it later. And then I changed my mind again. Spring Break it is!
Do you like how casually I can change the plan? No worry. No preplanning set in stone. At the drop of a hat. It's great to have power. I sometimes use my power for other stuff , but this week, I toyed with Spring Break,  because I could.

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