Friday, March 6, 2015

The Only Shoes You Need

So this is the deep stuff on my mind tonight. Shoes. And not just any shoes. These shoes. The go anywhere, wear anything, shoe of the future.I love shoes, all kinds, so these have got my attention.

They are $128 a pair, so I don't think I'll be owning them anytime soon...But oh! How many problems could be solved! Think of it! These would be perfect for early mornings when my feet hate heels, for work, for lunch out, church and even date night with the hubby!

"Straight from the office to the house, to the gym, to the park with the kids".
And ya'll, they come in 5 different colors. Wear them with anything!
Raise your hand if you would wear them! I totally would!
I would wear the black and gold ones to go hiking....
(And no I wouldn't REALLY wear them to a formal event....probably...)
If you want to see the actual item for sale, price and all, go HERE to BE&D and check them out. 
I am not getting paid for this. I just think they're fun!

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