Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Love Real

I am sharing a link here from Rachel over at FInding Joy. I haven't read one post of hers that isn't exactly the message we need to hear and spread. This one is especially dear to my heart.

I recently decided to abandon some of the social media sites because I am craving realness and I'm not getting it there. But even as bloggers we need to be aware.

It's so easy to start comparing ourselves and our achievements.
I think any mom should have a right to feel successful if for no other reason than that she simply remains conscious and semi- coherent at the end of a day. Comparisons rob us of our right to be humans. And that's not okay.
I hope you'll take some time and check out this post. It is so. right. on.

To the Mom Who Fears She is Failing

Just think, if we didn't have all this media to help us snoop into others lives and mothering styles, how would we ever know if we are "doing it right" or "doing it as good as someone else"? We wouldn't. That's what. We would KNOW we were doing it right, because we wouldn't know "any better". We could breathe and stop questioning ourselves. All. The. Time.  And then we would have peace. And Peace is a big deal. We all need that.

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