Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Heart Pajamas ~ My Confessions

First thing I need to tell you, in respect for honesty and integrity and all that is real and good, is that I am still in my pajamas. Yes, I am. I said it.
It is now exactly noon o'clock and I have not even considered changing into real clothes.

Today I cannot seem to find focus. I thought I would write a blog post and I searched my list of writing prompts, my previously started (but unfinished) blog posts, and I even scanned my blog feeds to see what topics others were covering....but none of it clicks with me today.

So, why should I write without a cool or trendy topic? I don't have a good answer for that question. I just want to. I desperately want to.

I don't know about you, but sometimes life is just plain old tiring for me. I get migraines, I get PMS'y, I am beginning to enter the wonderful world of peri meno (which involves night time horrors like sweating and daytime hot flashes and foggy brain, aching joints and dizziness). Also, sometimes I stay up too late, or there is a time change (I do not like
Maybe there is no quantifiable reason.
Have you ever got up in the morning and heard your body say "No!"?  Emphasis on NO.
It is probable that I am revealing too much about my age right now.

Just the other day I read a post where the lady blogger was embarrassed that people wouldn't take most bloggers seriously because they thought we were all in the basement in our pj's. What? That sounds perfect! PJ's, coffee, cheetos, basement...whatever.

In a perfect world, with perfect bodies and perfect children and perfect husbands, there would probably be no pj's. We would all float around in our glorious white robes and the kids would not have nightmares, the hubbies would not lose the keys, the kitchens would never get dirty...wait...that will be heaven. We don't live there yet. My world is terribly imperfect and wonderfully so. I can live with that. Most days.

I further wish to point out that I find Pajamas and Angel robes to be very similar. As far as I know, anyway. If you have studied angel attire extensively you may be able to explain the flaws in my thinking. However, it seems to me that pajamas & robes = soft-floaty-good for night or day-loose fitting-practical- and natural fibers (I'm boldly assuming God prefers linen or cotton in lieu of poly fibers). Anyway...

I am not saying I do this pj thing every day. But you know...

I think we need to give each other permission to be flawed. To be imperfect. To be tired. To rest. To find a quiet space and simply BE. Look up that word (If you want, I'm not really the boss of you).
To be is existence without activity.

Sometimes just being gives us the chance to just think, just meditate, just pray. That's good stuff.

Another thing comes to mind...when did we abandon resting on the Sabbath and take up frenzied I-can't-find-my-socks-why-are-you-not-ready-who-spilled-the-milk mornings and speeding-so-we-can-get-to-church-on-time-especially-before-the-Joneses? The Sabbath is like, one of the ten commandments...

If you are are reading my post I hereby give you permission to just be. Rest if you need to. And hey! Pj's are okay too.

photo credit: Delusions of Spring lounge pants via photopin (license)

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