Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fresh Air

Today was one of those days when the air is cooler than usual....

A morning when you wake up and reach for something soft and warm to wrap around your shoulders... As the sun rises and the light slants gently through the windows, you realize that fall is approaching. The sun's light is gentler somehow and the breezes are soft, almost cool.
The windows must be opened because the air is so fresh. All day today, the curtains billowed back and forth at the windows gently, softly reminding me of days gone by...lazy Sunday afternoon dinners around the table when I was just a girl....

This evening the quiet is soothing to weary minds and bodies, comforting. Fears and worries can be pushed aside while one listens to the evening...crickets, and distant cars, the neighbor's rooster crowing good-night. Hope abounds while cool fresh air tickles your cheek and a deep breath means the days' tension is wearing off. My shoulders begin to relax...

Today I felt rested, and along with that, I found myself with a renewed desire to know God more. I am thirsty for a drink from the living fountain. I've been up in the early morning hours so many times lately. Searching, praying, asking Him, thanking Him and telling Him my heart.

I've been re-reading Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund this week. Another book worthy of your time. Here is a small excerpt:

"Work out the implications in your own life of putting God first. That's what this book is to help you do.
If we feel overworked and someone tells us to take a rest--that's temporary. If he tells us to go on a vacation, we'll come back afterward to the same old rat race. If he tells us to go to God, we've found a permanent solution. We'll be revolutionized. We'll go into our work rested, and remain that way.
"My presence shall go with you," God says, "and I will give you rest." (Exodus 33:14)
Let your heart go to God, then! Go to him, never to go elsewhere again. Settle into him; make him your home. John 15 calls it "abiding" in him--to nestle there, secure as in a strong, eternal fortress."

I hear small ones crying now...needing to be tucked in by mama. So off I go, and I wish you a very peaceful night.

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