Friday, January 25, 2013

Warm Healing

"...and that's the day she opened the curtains. The sun's heated rays came streaming in with a burst of brilliance. Every dusty corner receded and the whole place filled with light.
Her soul felt like that too.

The song of praise trembling from her lips had opened the curtains to her heart . In an instant, God's perfect light shone in. All the dusty places were revealed, but it didn't hurt. Darkness hurts. Light heals.

She felt it, warming every vein.Her thoughts soared. "How could I have forgotten? Why did I deny myself this beauty for so long?"Time evaporated. She spent hours on her knees , down on the splintered planks in the middle of the empty room, arms held as high as she could reach. Maybe she felt His arms holding hers..."

copyright 2013

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