Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to Business

I was up waaaay later than I should have been. I was busy comforting a terrified child, working on my business, getting annoyed with the dog who decided to be a *scaredy cat* and bark at some invisible bad guys. (I am giving away a dog to one lucky winner! For free! Really!)

I kept telling myself that maybe there were *real* bad guys and the dog was keeping them from coming into our yard...but I didn't really believe it.

It is morning now.
...oh help...

We are listening to children's music (Sing Ho! for the Life of a Bear!) while we all scamper around and find socks and special things to take to co-op classes. The kids are SO excited to get back into this part of the school routine. I would be too, if I could feel anything. I am so numb, I had to have coffee just to find my feet.

I also took some ibuprofen to try and avoid the inevitable migraine headache that I always get when I am bordering on exhaustive collapse.

I took a shower somewhere around 2 am-? I didn't bother to remove my make-up first and I didn't remember to look in the mirror afterward. I just dropped onto my pillow and fell asleep.
So, this morning, 4 very startled little children were staring at me with big-as-saucer eyes.

Finally, one of the girls spoke up and said "Mommy....? What's wrong with your eyes? They're and kinda...ummm.. weeeiirdd..."

Sweet girl!

I explained that this is what happens when make-up isn't washed off properly, and I laughed, a lot.
She didn't.
I hope I haven't scarred her for life.

My prayer for today:
"Lord, thank you for the chance to work on business, I am so thankful to live in a country (and time) where women have the opportunity to pursue business so we have a way to provide for our children. Please. Help. Me. Today. I am so tired. Thanks eversomuch for the awesome group of people in our co-op and please help all the winter germs to stay away. Help us grab every moment of joy you send our way today and  thanks for making me me. I love you. Amen"

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