Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sleep Talking

Random thoughts at 3 a.m.-ish:
I hate nightmares.
I fed the kids but...
I forgot to eat supper.
I love ALL my kids so much it hurts.
They don't understand it.

Someday they will.
I switched to decaf coffee about 3 weeks ago. 
Now I can actually feel a little difference when I have caffeine.
I never DID get an easy bake oven when I was a kid.
I wanted one.
Still do. ;-)
I did have a Baby Alive.
She was awesome.
My shoulders have been tense for so long now, that I'm beginning to wonder if it's permanent.
Hope not.
I love the sound of rain outside my window...
as long as there is no tornado accompaniment.
I don't remember a time when Jesus was not important to me.
I do remember expecting His imminent return almost every day in my childhood.
I wondered if I would grow up and be a mommy first. :)
I am excited to be making new friends.
There are some really lovely people in this world.
I need to sleep.

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