Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've Been Thinking

Have you ever seen a wildflower
Clinging to a rocky hillside,

Tiny leaves outspread 
And cheerful face turned toward the sun?

Have you wondered what it's like for the wildflower

Clinging to the hill,
When the nights are long and dark and cold
And the birdsong is quiet?

Have you imagined the wildflower
Determined to stay rooted in the middle of the fiercest storms?
Does it cry and hope for peace?

How do the delicate petals survive the howling wind and rain and hail?
I wonder if the wildflower loves the rocky hill?

Does it lean into the rocks during the terrible heat
And take comfort in the strength of the hill in the darkest nights?
Does it ever feel fear?

Have you noticed the wildflower's trusting face
As you trod heavily up the steep trail,
Crunching gravel under your boots?

If you stop and look next time 
You'll probably see,

The wildflower is nodding and laughing in the sunlight.....
copyright 2010

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