Sunday, November 15, 2009

Through the Window

She's on the outside looking in.

She sees the glow and hears the joyful din.There's no room for her there, no space, no empty chair.

She's on the outside looking in.
She's on a hard road now, no shoes on her feet.

It's so very cold now and she hasn't enough to eat.
There's a tiny light in the distance but she can't find her way.
Where is a hand to hold? She wishes someone would have stayed.
She's on a hard road now.
Everyone greets her gladly on their way to somewhere else.
They pat her back and shout her name and disappear into the night.
If only she could follow that light.
Someday she'll be on the inside looking out,
Watching for pain and fear and doubt.
She'll pull up a chair and bring people there.
She'll be on the inside looking out.
She'll take a lantern and a cloak out on the hard roads.
She'll offer her hand and take a stand
With someone else who is lost.
She'll show the way to the light.
She won't disappear into the night.
God, help her today.
Chase her fears away. Bind her bleeding feet
And hold her hand.
Help her find her way.
Give her hope and faith.
Take her to a better place where she's not on the outside looking in,
But she's a candle of hope and a mother to many
And a place of warmth and safety for the weary and the wounded.
Let the lessons learned in her life bear much fruit.
Don't let the pain be for nothing.
Don't let her heart become hardened.
Keep her tenderness alive.
Make gentleness a daily habit and selfishness foreign to her.
The desires you've placed in her heart are Yours.
Don't let them wither and die.
Breathe new life into those desires and You bring them to pass.
Bring her and warm her on the inside as she's looking out.
copyright 2008

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