Thursday, June 15, 2006

Where I'm From

I am from iced tea, 
From peanut butter and hand me down clothes. 

I am from the little mobile home on the farm, always peaceful, 

Where praise music flowed from the stereo and laughter ruled every meal. 

I am from the wheat, the bluebonnets and the juniper trees, 

The irises and hay bales.
From sweet smelling sage and giant grasshoppers. 
I am from the heat you can see like waves coming up from the road. 

I am from praying always and loyalty to friends, 
From Sturtevant and Adams and Grandma Dee: 
Always prayerful, always tender, never complaining. 

I am from fellowship, 

From long visits with dear friends, 
And spontaneous drives to see what's over the next hill. 

From "stand up and look people in the eye", 

And "God will provide our every need". 

I am from Daddy preaching with his whole heart Sunday mornings, Unplanned midnight prayer meetings, and joyful singing in the car. 

I am from old fashioned traveling evangelists and Argentine missionaries. 

I am from Texas and the South, roast beef and pecan pie. 

From the land of cowboy and indian games and itchy hay stuck to sweaty skin, 
From slip-n-slides and dirt bike rides. 
From hikes along the creek; we took the dog in case of snakes. 

I am from the daddy with a huge vision for the world, 

And the mama with the same for her children. 
From family devotions every day 
And the knowing that I was made for a purpose. 

I am from old photos in a treasured shoe box 
And mama's handwritten journals hidden in the drawer beside her bed. 


Where Are You From? 

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