Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hot Flashes and Laundry Piles

So today the tea of the day is actually called Hot Flash Tea. Maybe that will give you some clue as to how this week has been shaping up.
Hot Flash Tea is good stuff, by the way. I hope it helps ease me through this time of life a little bit. If you want to try something like this, head on down to your local little herb shop and see if they have anything similar.

 If you know anything about this, you may be laughing right now.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Making the Transition to Health{ier}, Where Do I Start?

Today I want to talk about 7 steps to begin the transition into a healthier lifestyle. Approximately 20 years ago I took my first steps towards a more self sufficient, more healthy and less expensive lifestyle.  I have found, on my journey of recovery from emotional trauma, that self care is very important. Good nutrition and better sleep will do far more for your recovery than you may realize. Bit by tiny bit, I have been able to discover what works for me and change many things about our daily routines that add to our health, save our money, and create less dependence on the factory food system. When my body feels better, so does my mind.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dandelion Bliss~ the Mission

It has recently come to my attention that I need to clarify a few things about the blog. I have not been clear enough about my goals or my mission for writing here.
Today I want to begin to remedy that problem.

This blog was born out of a passion in my heart to share with, encourage, offer hope & laughter to, and inspire women to live a life full of LOVE, passion, forgiveness and healing.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm Tired, Great Music, Bad Hair and Supplements

Well, it's fair to say that I haven't been a prolific blogger this week.
So sorry for the unexcused absences.

I have been really busy doing stuff. You know, the nameless list of unexplainable things we get caught up in? It's been a terribly busy week for my job (the one that pays the electric bill). And I might add, that it hasn't been just busy, it's been absolutely draining.

I may have fallen asleep at the computer one or eleventy times. The draining part is mostly because it involves the kind of work I don't feel like doing right now. Actually, it's the kind of work I don't feel like doing, most of the time. (Involving treks across the countryside to do title research and time away from my kids. Ew.) I have also been extra tired from the lack of sleep that comes from frequent hot flashes. I have little more to say on that topic. I am that old. Sigh.

It looks like this phase of the work process may take some time, so I'm trying desperately to get organized enough to plan ahead for some blog posts! What a novel idea, huh?

Monday, May 11, 2015

How God Brings Change Sometimes

There are times when we pray prayers asking God to renew us, refresh us or bring something new into our lives. We don't always know what we are asking for.As churches we all shout "Bring us revival. Lord! we want to experience your river!"

As individuals we cry and beg "Please change my situation, Lord! Give me something, anything! I want new and hopeful!"
And then when He begins to answer us...to rain on us... sometimes we panic and beg for it to stop.